Product List

Sellwell Pharmaceuticals was established as a partnership concern in the beginning of the year 1987. It was converted into Private Limited Company in 1990 and become Limited Company in 1995. The Company products are fairly well known in the market since March 1987.


S. No Product Name

Mineral Bolus

Each ml Composition:

Zinc Sulphate 280 mg.
Copper Sulphate 700 mg.
Manganese Sulphate 2000 mg.
Cobalt Sulphate 5 mg.
Potassium Iodate 30 mg.
Sodium Selenite 2 mg.
Ferrous Sulphate 1400 mg. |
Yeast 500 mg.

About Sellwell

  • Sellwell Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has one site on which manufacturing activities are carried out and started production of Parenteral Preparation, Ophthalmic Preparation and Tablet in 1987.