quality control

As per the standard of ISO  all  Raw Materials is tested to adhere to set quality requirements the material is approved by the QC department is then further processed.

Material is used for manufacture. Testing records of all Raw Materials are recorded in stores Dept. and in Manufacturing Log Sheets. Quality Control Manager carries out the testing of Raw Materials with the help of his team.

In process testing is done on shop-floor in the Production Dept. Reports of these testing are recorded in Production Log Sheets.

Intermediate Products and Finished Products are tested by Q.C. Dept. and released for further use or sale only after satisfactory reports are obtained from Q.A.Dept. Records of the same are maintained

Specifications, Testing Procedures and Testing Apparatus/ Equipment’s/ Instruments are provided to Q.C. Chemist. All instruments are re-calibrated periodically and all Analytical reagents are retested periodically and those records are maintained.

Internal inspections are done to check Manufacturing Practices in plants by team of Q.A. Manager & Q.C. Officers and deviations observed if any are reported to Top Management for effective correctness to ensure non-recurrence.